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Dr. Pasquale J. Malpeso is a native of New York City. He is a specialist in the fields of gum diseases, dental implants, and reconstructive and advanced restorative dentistry. He brings more than thirty years of experience and technical skill—as well as integrity and rapport with his patients—to his practice. 

He has made continuing education a priority, concentrating on obtaining the latest information and hands-on training in the areas of cutting-edge dentistry. 

He served as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Columbia University and as a Clinical Associate at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental medicine.


Doctorate in Dental Medicine - University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
One-year residency - McGill University's Jewish General Hospital  in Montreal, Quebec.
Specialist certifications in Fixed Prosthodontics, Periodontics, and Periodontal Prosthesis - University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

Conveniently located on New York's exclusive Park Avenue, Dr. Malpeso's state-of-the-art practice offers a full range of safe, convenient, and high-tech services that range from preventative dentistry to restorative services, periodontal care, and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Malpeso is a leader in a progressive approach to dentistry that combines meticulous care of his patients' overall oral health with the most up-to-date equipment and dental science— all toward the goal of a perfect smile. The guiding force of this approach is a concept that merges oral health and well-being with a patient's security and satisfaction.

The Team:

In every sense of the word, Dr. Malpeso's staff is truly a group of dental care professionals. Not only is each member highly qualified to take on the complexities of work involved in periodontal and prosthetic dentistry, but each one is continually gaining further knowledge as well. Dr. Malpeso expects and supports the ongoing continued education for his staff and himself to create an ever-evolving, modern practice.

What's more, we're experts in areas that can't be trained: we know how to make patients feel welcome, comfortable, and 'right at home' during their appointments. We look forward to an opportunity to meet you in person, so that you can see for yourself what a difference this approach makes.





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